High Vibrations 101

Everywhere you look nowadays – televisions, magazines, social media – we witness somebody talking about their “good vibes” and how their life is so great because of them. Here is my dummy’s guide to keeping your own vibrations high so you can live abundantly and peacefully. 

Essentially, energy is the building block of the Universe – everything we breathe, see, and think, is simply energy. It doesn’t get more simple than this. To change our lives, we must first solely change our energy within ourselves that will assist in co-creating our 3D reality.

Vibrations are manufactured through our thoughts which create our emotions – this can be difficult to control when we are programmed to believe our thoughts are chosen for us. Stereotypically, people believe that living a “zen lifestyle” means you’re just carefree living all the damn time without a negative thought. The reality of raising your vibrations does not mean you attempt to control your thoughts – you observe and work with them. 

Somebody may be overworking themselves while in a negative energy and headspace – then question why they aren’t living abundantly. They may say things like “I’m working so hard, why don’t I have money?” The reason is simple – because they are not vibrating high enough to receive it. You must maintain an energy as if you already have everything you desire in life – which factually, you do within yourself. You allow money and abundance into your life, and it comes with ease. We’ve created a common stigma that those who slow down and do not overwork themselves are lazy. All of these constructs that life is supposed to be approached with difficulty, is simply why many people do not experience abundance. They are releasing the vibration as if they are in lack. The Universe matches and reflects whatever vibration you release. Once you are at a soul vibration, your Universe will begin to reflect and attract things to you that match your soul’s calling. 

Notice how a narcissist who constantly is thinking and speaking about money – never runs out of money. They never release thoughts of lack or scarcity, so the Universe matches that vibration and brings upon more wealth.

Now, it is up to you how you respond to negative and unwelcome energy that forms in your mind. If you’re feeling heavy energy and start judging yourself and attempting to control it – you’re allowing your ego to have that control. You may start thinking things such as “Why am I still having negative thoughts?” “I’m making no progress” “I suck at this” Feeding into one negative thought creates a cycle of repetitive negative thoughts – this becomes what you are creating. When you begin to feel unwanted feelings or energy, all you have to do is pause and notice it. Let it be, and allow yourself to consciously move through without latching on. Once you are aware that this energy is an outside source other than your soul’s authentic love and light – you can release it. 

Recognize and be aware of when lower vibrational energy appears. Understand that your mind is tricking you into believing you are a reflection of your negative thoughts – no thoughts can alter your authentic state of love. Have compassion for yourself and others during this process. Have some sort of outlet – where you can escape to in order to match your desired vibration again. Whether it be going on a walk, listening to music, painting, anything that allows you to look within and reflect your energy.

Yes, I am indeed about to preach all of the cliche stuff you have read in magazines and on Instagram wellness accounts. Be conscious of the foods you put into your body, as you continue to match your soul vibration you will begin to crave food from the source – Earth. You will start to become aware of how raw foods feed into your highest vibrations and how other food causes increased blockage and cloudiness in your spirit. Although certain foods are delicious, the heaviness and resistance caused is not worth it to me anymore.





Photography by Maddy Welk.

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