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Anxiety is the most common illness that is treated with benzodiazepines and other harmful pills to temporarily numb the effects rather than targeting the base of the disorder. People tend to believe anxiety is simply being nervous and afraid – not understanding the symptoms until you experience first hand how essential it is to have a remedy to anxiety attacks.

Billions of doctors each year write out prescriptions for anxiety meds – although one knows that the cause for this condition is unknown. Fear is a natural reaction built from the programmed mind when it feels threatened or triggered by danger. When fear begins to be present at general times, it transforms into a mysterious phenomenon – anxiety. An anxious person may feel panic, afraid, and nervous for an unknown reason, or because their mind is overreacting to triggers that ordinarily should be fair to handle.

When people are suffering an anxious episode, they become “trapped” in their panic thoughts – which become obsessive and unrealistic very quickly. The reaction of fear from your programmed mind becomes ever more believable and controlling, causing irrational thinking and decisions. When suffering from anxiety, your mind has gotten into the program of holding onto fear rather than releasing it as a normal bodily function.

In order to release anxiety, you must allow the fearful or nervous feelings to arise. You must get out of the mind, and back into contact with your soul and body so you can detach from those overpowering sensations. It is best if you can distinguish anxious thoughts early on before you reach a panic state. When you start to feel slight anxiety coming to the surface, find a quiet space where you can clear yourself. Close your eyes, and allow yourself to feel your body. Do not deny or fight these sensations – accept them. Fear is not pleasant, you may feel tight, stiff, nervous, and uncomfortable. These feelings do not feel good, and when you are allowing your mind to control you – you are blocking the release of fear that needs to happen. Your body and soul knows there is nothing to fear and that these feelings are ready to be released. Follow and listen to your breath, allowing it to guide you. Sometimes I find peace in rotating and stretching my neck or giving myself a shoulder rub.

Your body has natural fear responses triggered by the mind – such as feeling cold, stiff, breathless, trapped, etc. Once you feel present in your body again, you can release these uncomfortable feelings. You can program your body to let go and gain back a sense of control over these bodily sensations. You can break down each fear characteristic individually in order to counter-act that sensation. If you are feeling stiff – stretch out your body with love and ease, while continuing to breathe. If you feel shortness of breath – consciously focus on your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths going as low as your abdomen allows. Feel yourself releasing and regulating your movement of emotions with every conscious breath. Allow yourself as much time as you need to regulate each of these bodily sensations, focusing solely on what you are physically feeling. 

As you gain consciousness of each fear-based sensation and start to feel symptoms subside – allow yourself a moment of relaxation. I find it soothing to spray essential oils, especially Lavender which is highly effective in sleep-aid. Lighting candles and incense to set the mood – for yourself – creates a lovely atmosphere to allow you to wind down from all of the energy you just released.

For those that struggle with anxiety heavily – I feel you. Switching from coffee to green tea every morning can bring surprising results in anxiety levels. I’m a coffee addict – of course, I’m an LA blogger – so cutting out the caffeine altogether is not realistic for me. Tea is considered a “slow release’ type of caffeine, giving you a more gentle effect than coffee. 

There are many homeopathic remedies to anxiety that involve herbs, supplements, and vitamins that have been known to work just as strongly as prescription meds. Valerian root is a supplement I’ve sworn by ever since I began experiencing night terrors – I take it as a capsule although it also can be made into tea. Kava is an herbal plant that has properties that can assist in the bodies natural releasing of anxiety. It is known to effect mood receptors and bring upon feelings of relaxation to ease you. I’ve never personally tried it, however I’ve heard way too much about this super herb to not. Make sure that your body is healthy and nourished, stay aware of vitamins and what you may be lacking as this can also increase anxiety. 




Art By Dina Rodriguez.

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