I ♡ My Ego.

Lets talk about the human ego – the part of our mind that has enjoyed quite a long reign over our decisions, actions, thoughts, and general philosophy of life. Our highest or truest self is often at controversy with our egotistic mind, which is why we sometimes feel as if there are two opposing forces inside of us. 

As human beings, we need both the energies of “spirit” and “ego” to survive – although most people don’t ever begin to realize the nature of these two individual forces. The ego is much more forceful and demands control, playing a more dominant role in our 3D reality and often suppressing our soul desires. 

Our spirit or soul is said to be the life force energy that desires creation and connection, while guiding us calmly through life experiences. This energy force allows us to feel alive, love, warmth, serenity, and most importantly connected to the Universe. When we have connected to our soul, life flows effortlessly with love and peace – with guidance from intuition and inspiration. This energy is always there to access, but our programmed ego has been built so dominantly that some of us know nothing more than our egotistic mind.

The ego energy force is more practical, judgmental, and protective – especially relating to how we are viewed by others. The ego believes the world is a harmful place and fears being hurt and or exposed – resulting in “egotistic” behavior. The ego blames and criticizes others, releasing the majority of energy into negativity. The ego looks for answers within in the mind, strengthening and affecting our emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety, etc.

Every human contains love and hate, positive and negative. Knowing how to differentiate whether you are working with your highest self or egotistic mind is essential in becoming your best self. I’ve included a small list of ego characteristics and the counteracting force to help you stay aware of what energies you’re feeding into.

The ego needs to know how and when everything will happen – feeding control. Your soul body surrenders and trusts.

The ego has a sense of rush when there is no urgency. The ego wants to do. Your highest self wants to be

The ego feels lack and loss, a need for more than what is. You’re highest self is able to shift this energy and express gratitude.

The ego is quantity over quality. Your soul wants you to take your time. Allow yourself to take time into things like cooking to prepare a nicer meal for yourself. Feel, slow down, breathe. 

Doing things for others, the need for validation, basing our self worth on others and likes = ego. Our soul wants us to share, connect, and inspire each other.

The ego puts on a mask to other people, hiding away our authentic selves. Our highest selves want us to be vulnerable without fear.

The ego is confused, attempting to search the mind for answers and replaying scenarios. The soul has clarity and is not worried about any moment except the present.

The ego believes all is about you and only you – while the spirit believes all is equal. 

Take small acts throughout the day, and allow yourself to listen to your spirit energy for guidance. The soul allows us to produce more quality things and a more quality life with the natural flow of the Universe. The key is to find balance between these two energies – we obviously can’t sit still for the rest of our lives and not attend to our 3D responsibilities. If you gain nothing else from this post – everything that doesn’t work out how you want is your ego speaking. Allow yourself to trust that you are instead being pointed in the right direction.


Photo by Christian Mckoy.

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