Fearful as Fuck.

Fear is the motivating force that pulls us back from the ecstasy life has to offer. Free yourself from the illusion of fear, and life will reward you with pure bliss in return.

Fear is the single energy that is the root of negative emotions. I am not here to preach to you how I’m so badass because I feel no fear. I’m here to explain to you how I’ve detached from my fears. Fears are a program of the mind and the ego. Our mind wants us to believe that certain things are of great importance to us, which uprises a fear of loss. Depending on how deep you are in realization with your soul, you may already know that your soul feels no fear. In fact, your soul is incapable of feeling fear. We allow fear to control us and make decisions for us because we think the fear is us.

A question I like to ask myself in every situation is: If my mind had no fears, what would I do? this is a form of detaching from your fears. Embracing and allowing fears is a conscious choice. No other force (person, event, etc.) has acted on you – only if you have allowed it to. In other words, all that you experience in your 3D world is by consent from yourself.

I had been that person who was afraid of everything – myself, the future, boys, girls, social situations, everything. My fear-based energy was present because I believed that there was such a thing as a negative outcome. I would think things such as What if this goes wrong? What if this happens? allowing my mind to label these outcomes as bad or scary. Fear is simply a product of your thoughts. We say things such as “I am scared of this.” when you speak this into existence, you are giving power to the fear – your mind is convincing you that there is a risk of loss, but you as an individual are authentically whole and your soul’s state cannot be altered.

Freeing yourself from fear means knowing there is nothing to fear – only the illusions we create in our heads in order to feel fear. We already know that all fears can be faced and overcome by experience. You release fears when you realize that you did not need to fear whatever it is. This shows that the power to not fear, has always been there.

There is nothing wrong with feeling fear, it is a natural response mechanism of the mind. I don’t control my fears, I observe them. This is where you can make the conscious choice to either let them go or allow them to overtake you.

In order to let go of fear, you must have courage and trust within yourself. We believe we feel fear in order to protect us from danger and harm. To let go of fear is to understand that you don’t need fear to protect you – you are your own protector.

Living without fear has taught me how to live without labeling things as going wrong or bad. From my point of view, there is nothing negative happening to me, but unexpected. I accept all that happens. Living without fear is feeling safe, because I know I will always have myself. This is not to say I don’t still experience similar feelings, like when you dive into the unknown. I still get the same sensations in my stomach like a drop on a rollercoaster – except there is no negative based energy present. I don’t feel that I am ever at risk, or that there is the possibility of anything but a neutral outcome.


Incredible photography by Parker Day.

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