On Creative Blocks.

Having the desire to create but finding no inspiration. Craving the ecstasy of production but unable to access internal creativity.

Art is neither good nor bad, it has to do with authenticity. How are you willing to make yourself vulnerable? There is no right and wrong, your art is you. You created that. It is not supposed to be perfect, nor be anything to please anybody

As an artist, putting your work out there can be absolutely terrifying. From the creator’s eye, all you are drawn to are the aspects you don’t like about your creation. Releasing your artwork is opening up the possibility for rejection. All rejection means, is that you were brave enough to put your work out there. Somebody else may not understand your vision, but that doesn’t mean your vision is incorrect. If you had made whatever piece revolving around the critic, then you would have created it differently. Never allow another to alter your vision, or you ruin the purpose of personal expression.

The things or feelings we are afraid of, tend to be the ones we need to explore and express with. When you lose yourself in telling a story, the process moves effortlessly. I recommend keeping a journal, or notes on your phone. Stay aware, and observe. Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to look for it. Every cloud in the sky, every pupil of a stranger, every flower we carelessly stroll by. Throughout the day, write little things down that caught your eye and why they did. Observe other humans, listen to what they have to say. Observe their language. What do you feel? Put yourself in their shoes, become. Then create. Do not set the intent of finding inspiration – allow it to come to you with ease. Some of the best ideas come when doing completely random unexpected tasks.

A study shows that artists experience more frequent creative blocks when they constrain themselves. As painter Lisa Golightly says “I give myself permission to just make for the sake of making without any thought to the outcome, which can be surprisingly hard. … What I would tell my younger self is this: There is no “right” way to make art. The only wrong is in not trying, not doing. Don’t put barriers up that aren’t there — just get to work and make something.” In order to allow your mind the illusion of freedom – you must release the barrier of needing to create something and treating expression like a chore.

Emotions are the root of some of my greatest work. Listen to music or view other workings that bring out heavy feelings or thoughts of your own. Let this guide you. In the process of this, you are releasing your own feelings and freeing yourself.

The truth is, I forever am thankful when I experience intense feelings or thoughts. My extraordinary life keeps my creativity flowing. My best piece of advice I give to my friends when heartbreak occurs, is to access your creativity and expression. There is no better time to paint, write, draw, photograph, or whatever the hell makes your soul sing. 

In order to be a good artist, you are going to make a lot of shitty work that you are not proud of. Being an artist/creator is a gradual growing process of questioning and experimentation – there is no point you reach that you are “finished” exploring. Look at your journey as a work in progress. The outer success relating to your artwork is separate from the ecstasy you experience creating it, for yourself.



Photography by Christy Flaherty

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